Graphic Design & Video Editing

Offered Services


Graphic Design & Video Editing Services – Want to communicate your ideas via creating visual concepts? Our proficient designers know how to captivate your clients using just the right techniques. Graphic Design & Video Editing Services starts from advertisement to logo designing, we handle every task with great precision and adds perfection to your work.

Logo Design

Looking for novel logo design options? Well, our company is the right option to choose! As our logo experts understand the importance of client’s logo’s message and effect on the target market in addition to its visual appeal and design it in accordance to client’s demands and needs. 

Catalogue Design

Catalogue is important as it’s the face of your company in front of your clients. Therefore, acknowledging its importance we have prepared a vast variety of Catalogue Designs from minimalist to modern in order to meet our client’s needs. 

Stationary Design

We know the importance of Branding! Our stationary designers have their expertise in creating one-of-a-kind templates for your letterheads, business cards, greeting cards and the rest of your paper and stationery products. 

Packaging Design

Our creators know the psychology behind buying, therefore, knows what kind of packaging affects the buyer. Our Packaging Designers work with clients and creative teams to develop eye-catching, cost-effective and safe packaging for products which helps boost sales and increase productivity.

Company Profile

Professional company profile is every organization’s need. The introduction of your company with a touch of professionalism and authenticity will help your company flourish by catching new clients. At Tech-Wits, writers aim to understand your brand’s products, services, and activities and then create a detailed introduction for your target audience.

Poster Design

Want to creatively construct a poster of your idea or event? At Tech-Wits you will be able to meet a creative team which ensures the provision of designs including both graphic and textual elements with fun colour combinations. 

Flyer Design

Flyer Design helps attract the intended audience, conveys a clear message and benefit, and motivates the audience to take action. Our passionate creators make flyers which contain custom-tailored introduction of your company with bold typography and catchy images in order to engage maximum audience.

Banner Design

Currently, banners are one of the most prominent types of graphic design used to promote services. Designers at Tech-Wits are committed to establish a strong reputation for your brand and surpass your competitors by designing banners that stand out with its visuals. 

Brochure Design

A brochure is a common advertising medium used to promote a business or product. Our creative experts will formulate brochures as an informative paper document for advertising, which will take centre stage with a clean cover design that features your company’s image or logo and advertises company’s products or services.

Video Animation

Tech-Wits bring your ideas into the animated reality through the process of designing, layout addition, and photographic sequences. Our video creators make your character talk fly whatever you wish them to do. All the work is done with great precision and accuracy to meet our client’s needs.

Website Design

Tech-Wits is a creative, forward-looking and professional website designing company managed by set of professionals. With an initiative to thrive for excellence in Web designing, Tech-Wits create your company’s most effective digital presence with the maintenance of your website with a responsive layout to attract search engines and users online.