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Website Development Services


Website Development Services – We offer professional responsive website designing  and WordPress theme
customization, fast and secure, fully editable, and SEO Friendly to our happy client. Tech-wits presents a plethora of services according to their client needs as well as
we offer 10 days of free unlimited support after completion to reach your desired


1. E-Commerce Website Fully Functional

We will set up your high-quality business store fully functional online easily operated by yourself after completion. If you have products and ideas but don’t have content yet we will make your demo site which you can replace later. We will take care of everything from website optimization to rank faster or with any necessary plugins to secure your site. We will just need your website domain and a good hosting server if you don’t have it don’t panic. We will also guide you to get it done.


A laptop is showing an online ecommerce store.

2. Portfolio Website.

Portfolio Websites are the new emerging trend that makes you and your work or skills searchable online. If someone is looking for a potential candidate or company to execute the task, the Google search engine will simply help to find the suitable applicant or organization for them by displaying their work.

Therefore, Tech-Wits offers to create a responsive portfolio website development services  with modern designs and creative customization, fast and secure, and SEO friendly.

A resume list with a pen and a laptop are on the surface.

3. Business Website

Do you have skills or services and wanted to execute online. Then, you are in the right place. We can help you to accomplish your goal by creating your dream business website. We will help you to provide your  website development services efficiently and professionally.

A laptop is showing business page and behind the laptop there is a window, a mug and a plant.

4. Landing Page Website

If you have an online business then you must need a landing page for your marketing advertising campaign. These pages can help you gain customers by encouraging them to take action on your websites. So, we can help you to set up your high converting, CTA (Call- to Action) landing page which not only gets more traffic on your site but also boost your sales, is easy to use, fast, and mobile-friendly.


a girl's hand holding a tablet is showing the landing page of some website. Thee are four plants, eye glasses and a pen, all things are on the table.

5. Blog Website

Wanted to start a blogging website or you have a passion to write! And
interested to start a career as a writer then Tech-Wits can help you to set up your dynamic and modern blogging website as soon as possible according to your wishes.


There are multiple blocks and some of them showing Blog word.

6. WordPress Bug Issues & Woocommerce Errors

Tech-wits provide the solution to every error related to WordPress or woo commerce within a short period. We can solve the problem of WordPress bug issues, WS0D (white screen of death), plugin issues, redirect hacked WordPress sites issues, clean malware code, etc.

The clipart showing a laptop and a hand holding a wordpress error banner.

7. Maintenance & Support

As you already know, the monthly maintenance of a website is as vital as our food. Every good website needs regular checkups and updated versions of plugins and themes to enhance the technical functionality of the website. Tech-wits offer all the aforementioned services as well as other supports like updating website content, uploading e-commerce products, etc.

the tool box is lying on the keyboard and showing support and maintenance.

8. Chatbot Development Using AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Chatbot programs or software can solve the quires of your hundreds or
thousands of customers simultaneously. Chatbot is very beneficial for the maintenance and expansion of businesses as well as improving customer’s experience with the brand. At present, many online business websites are even more using chatbot (Virtual Assistant) to handle
simple tasks for them. Tech-wits can also develop chatbot set up for your precious websites with minimum charges.

9. Website Speed optimization and Security Related Issues

If your website speed is slow then your business will be on the brink of danger because your site will not get enough traffic due to low conversion, will not rank on Google, and generate low revenue, etc. Tech-wits can solve all the security-related issues as well as website speed optimization.

skyscraper building and lights rays showing the speed.

10. Full Website Backup, CDN, and SSL setup

CDN (Content Delivery Network) and SSL (Secure Socket Layers) are considered an essential part of website security and optimization. We can set up website backup and Cloudflare as well.

the image is showing the cloud storage process.

11. Pop up Forms Using Mailchimp

We can create every type of pop-up form like email subscription form, welcome pop-up message, sign-in forms, contact us forms, and booking forms using Mailchimp with website integration as well. This will be a great marketing tool that can provide the platform to increase your small business on your terms.

multiple syringes pointedd towards the subscribe button.

12. Setting up Google Analytics, Search Console etc

Google Analytic, Google Search Console and Pagespeed insights are great tools to judge and improve the performance of your website. This service is free and offered by Google itself so, why you are not using this to improve the SEO ranking of your WP site. If you don’t have Google Analytics on your website then you don’t need to worry because we have an expert who can handle and set up Google Analytics for you.

A man hand are working on laptop and showing analytics, there is a cup and a pen, all the things are on the table.